SmartDraw Makes Diagramming a Breeze for Real Estate Investment Firm

MCB is a sophisticated real estate investment, development, and management firm focusing on a diverse portfolio of retail, industrial, and office assets. As they are rapidly expanding their business, they wanted to standardize on a single diagramming tool to eliminate the inconsistencies in the visuals created across multiple departments. Before SmartDraw, every department and individual chose their own way of creating a visual with whatever tool they felt most comfortable with from Powerpoint to Excel. They needed to deploy a tool that would be easy to use for everyone, but would also allow them to create professional visuals across their entire organization.

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SmartDraw Had All The Features They Needed

Initially, SmartDraw's ability to generate org charts from data was the biggest draw. With SmartDraw, they could completely eliminate the time spent manually creating organizational charts.

They quickly learned that SmartDraw made drawing any type of diagram easy and intuitive. Instead of manually struggling to connect and align shapes, SmartDraw's intelligent formatting made building out even big, complicated processes a breeze. For example, they could quickly model their entire leasing process from the initial phone call to the tenant taking custody.

SmartDraw also became a handy daily tool for brainwriting and turning ideas into actionable plans.

SmartDraw Fit Right In

In addition to being easy to use, SmartDraw also made adoption smooth because it was compatible with Azure SSO and SharePoint where MCB preferred to store files. SmartDraw also worked well with Microsoft Teams and allowed MCB to stick to their existing collaborative workflow. SmartDraw worked how they worked.

SmartDraw works how you work
SmartDraw is intuitive and cost effective

Intuitive and Cost Effective

MCB made the smart choice with their investment. SmartDraw is intuitive and user-friendly while being cost effective. For one low price, MCB could standardize diagramming for every user across their growing real estate investment firm.

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