Easy License Administration with SSO

SmartDraw's Enterprise Site License makes it easy to manage thousands of users using Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • Users can login with network credentials you control
  • You can use the permission groups in your existing corporate directory to control access
  • No need to create and manage separate SmartDraw accounts
  • Automatic control and retention of user documents
  • Users are automatically added and removed from SmartDraw as they are added and removed in your corporate directory

Learn how to set up SSO with SmartDraw.

SmartDraw user administration

Powerful Built-in License Administration

Whether you use SSO or not, you can access enterprise-level license administration tools in your SmartDraw account.

Account consolidation
Account Consolidation

Transfer any account along with its documents under your umbrella of control.Learn more.

Document retention
Document Retention

Easily transfer any account and its documents to another person in your organizationLearn more.

Feature restriction
Feature Restriction

Control the level of integration between SmartDraw online and the Windows desktop edition. Learn more.