Powerful Enterprise License Administration

For administrators that don't choose SSO, SmartDraw's own license administration tools still give you enterprise-level controls and allow you to restrict accounts to emails in your own domain.

SmartDraw site license administration

Account Consolidation

Distribute your enterprise license key to any existing trial accounts in your organization to transfer that account along with any documents under your umbrella of control. Users can even transfer an existing licensed account to the organization's license by logging in to their account and transferring their license to the email address that controls the corporate license.

Consolodate SmartDraw accounts

Document Retention

If you have SSO, document retention is just automatic. However, if you don't set up SSO, you can still change the email address and password required to access any account and its documents using SmartDraw's controls. You can also easily transfer the account and its documents to the email address of another person in your organization.

Retain SmartDraw documents

Feature Restriction

Control Access to the Online Edition

As a license administrator, you can prevent any installed version of SmartDraw for Windows from loading files from or saving files online. You can also prevent users from accessing SmartDraw's online edition completely.

If you want users to be able to work on diagrams using the online edition, but you don't want them to be able to share them by embedding them on public blogs or emailing them to users outside of the site license, you can turn off just the sharing feature of SmartDraw.

SmartDraw feature restriction