SmartDraw Implemented as an Enterprise Solution Agency-Wide at the Florida Department of Transportation

SmartDraw was recently implemented at the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to help achieve their mission of delivering a safe transportation system by providing an easy and sophisticated tool for process documentation, data-driven organizational charts, and other business visuals.

Florida Department of Transportation

It All Started with Org Charts

FDOT came to SmartDraw with a clear challenge. The tool they had been using to generate organizational charts since the 90's was outdated and the cost of switching their entire HR department to Visio® was cost prohibitive.

Luckily, they found SmartDraw. SmartDraw could create the needed data-driven org charts while also leveraging custom, branded templates. On top of serving as a great solution, it was also a solution that was priced right.

Expanding Use and Documenting Processes

There is always apprehension and even reluctance associated with switching tools. No one likes change. The users at FDOT were no different. However, SmartDraw's ease of use and free training makes it a quick and simple process.

SmartDraw worked closely with FDOT to improve other areas of business for the agency such as with documentation. With the help of SmartDraw's customer success team, they were able to immediately get many of their existing Visio-users up and running with SmartDraw in no time. SmartDraw made the transition even easier by allowing existing Visio users to import their Visio files. They could also export files to Visio for any users who have not made the switch yet.

SmartDraw Fit with Existing Workflows

While SmartDraw was found to be easily adopted into employee workflows, the IT department also appreciated how easy SmartDraw was to manage as a license. They could easily provision their entire organization with Azure AD for SSO. SmartDraw also allowed their employees to make use of OneDrive for Business® and SharePoint® as file storage locations.

A True Customer Success Manager

As an Enterprise site license customer of SmartDraw, FDOT has started leveraging their customer success manager even more, in order to expand SmartDraw adoption even further than they initially planned. These efforts have included custom tailored training sessions, as well as SmartDraw virtually co-hosting an Information Technology booth at their internal "All for you" Employee trade show.

SmartDraw has been both easy to use and easy to manage.

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