SmartDraw Enterprise Site License

A Site License

The SmartDraw Enterprise License is an annual site license. With one annual fee, you can cover your entire organization. Add seats as needed during the year at no extra cost.

SmartDraw site license

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Enterprise-Only Features

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SmartDraw Enterprise Licenses support single sign-on. SSO allows you to manage hundreds or thousands of users with your existing LDAP groups.

  • All your users log-in with controlled network credentials
  • You can use permission groups in your existing corporate directories to control access

Single Sign-On is the easiest way to deploy SmartDraw in a large corporate environment whether you're using Active Directory, Office 365, or Google's G Suite.

SmartDraw site license single sign on

Domain Restricted Sign-On

For administrators that don't choose SSO, SmartDraw's own license administration tools allow you to restrict accounts to emails in your own domain. Again all users log in with credentials that you control.

Domain restricted sign on

Access to All Versions of SmartDraw

SmartDraw's Enterprise License includes access to both the Online Edition and Windows Desktop Edition of SmartDraw.

The Windows desktop version runs entirely behind the firewall and, if you need to for security reasons, you can restrict your users to the Windows version only without any online or sharing access.

The online version runs securely in the browser and makes sharing and collaboration a breeze for your teams.

By default, the online and desktop versions are completely integrated and users can store, share, and edit files online and move seamlessly between the two versions.

SmartDraw access