SmartDraw Use Cases

See how SmartDraw can help your business succeed across all functional groups.

Devops and IT use case

DevOps and IT

SmartDraw helps developers and IT managers create and document DevOps processes, visualize code, design and prototype new products, communicate complex ideas.

Marketing use case


SmartDraw gives your marketing team the tools to collect and process data then plan and implement a successful marketing strategy. Visuals are always presentation-ready and easy to publish and share in reports, intranets, or even social media.

Management use case


Run your organization more efficiently by providing a robust solution to analyze and improve processes and decisions through process documentation, strategic planning, and Lean methodology.

Project management solution

Project Managers

SmartDraw can help project managers plan out a new initiative and keep it on track with easy to understand visuals.

HR use case

Human Resources

HR professionals can document organizational structure and change as well as use SmartDraw for onboarding new hires more quickly and easily.

Facility management use case

Facility Management

Facility managers can design office space, make clear facility plans and plant layouts, and create documentation for fire escape and other emergency evacuation plans.

Risk Management use case

Risk Management

Create timelines, plan for uncertainties, and find the causes of any faults more quickly. Make your team more agile and responsive.

Sales use case


SmartDraw can help your sales team optimize their processes and visualize their accounts using sales territory maps and process flows.

Prouction and engineering use case

Production and Engineering

SmartDraw has a the technical diagrams and symbols your engineering team needs to draw anything.

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