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Communicate your Wants
Do you have a will?
Are you pleased with whom you've selected as the executor(s) and trustee(s)?
In the event of fatal illness or disability, have you prepared a living will or health care proxy?
Would you like to consider a living trust in order to avoid probate?
If you in fact have a living trust, are your assets titled in the name of that trust?
Protect Your Family
Have you named a guardian for your children in the event that both you and your spouse pass away?
Do you want to limit your spouse's flexibility with the inheritance?
If answered yes to the above question, have you set up some type of trust in your will?
Do you have the right amount and type of life insurance for all expenses?
Have you considered an irrevocable life insurance trust?
Help Reduce Your Estate and Income Taxes
Are you married and taking advantage of the marital deduction?
Do you and your spouse, in terms of assets, qualify for the applicable exclusion amounts?
Do both yours and your spouse's estate plans take advantage of the applicable exclusion amounts?
Are you taking advantage of the annual gift tax exclusion?
Have you considered charitable trusts?
Personal Information
Your Spouse's Date of Birth:
Your Full Legal Name:
Your Spouse's Place of Birth:
Your Address:
Your Spouse's Social Security #:
Your Telephone Number:
Country of Spouse's Citizenship:
Your State of Domicile:
Date of Marriage:
Your Home of Record:
Former Spouse's Full Legal Name:
Your Date of Birth:
Your Former Spouse's Address:
Your Place of Birth:
Date of Marriage to Former Spouse:
Your Social Security #:
Your Children's Full Legal Names:
Country of Citizenship:
Your Children's Address and Phone #:
Your Marital Status:
Your Children's Date of Birth:
Your Spouse's Full Legal Name:
Your Children's Place of Birth:
Your Spouse's Address:
Your Grandchildren's Full Legal Names:

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