Standardize Diagrams for Your Team

Help Your Team Stay on the Same Page

If you have a large team working on creating diagrams, you may end up with a set of visuals that, at best, represents the unique voices of your team or, worse, diagrams that are an inconsistent, incoherent mess. Every member may choose different symbols, different colors and make choices that are not aligned with your organization's goals. Some may forget to add important branding information. The key to consistent and professional results is the same as in any other part of your business: standardization.

You can have your team start from the same template with the same set of approved symbols, with every important brand or copyright information already in place.

Whether you're team creates flowcharts, network diagrams, or floor plans, you can save any diagram as a template in a shared folder to be used by your team. Custom templates are denoted with a special template icon in the lower right corner so you can tell them apart from other saved documents. Opening a custom template will work like other templates in SmartDraw, your team will not overwrite the original, but instead work from a copy. The template will save all your settings and show your selected set of symbol libraries your team should work from.

Learn more about creating custom templats for your team.

Save as SmartDraw template

Custom Themes and Templates Make Branding Easy

SmartDraw's themes allow you to change the entire color scheme of the diagram with a single click. The built-in themes can provide a professional, color-coordinated appearance to structured diagrams like mind maps, organizational charts, and flowcharts. Shapes will inherit color-coded styles based on function or hierarchy.

You can also create a custom theme that matches your brand colors or a client's brand. Everyone on your Enterprise License will have access to the theme.

With custom templates and themes, you can make sure your entire team stays on the same page. Learn more about setting up a custom theme for your site license.

SmartDraw custom themes
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