Manage Complex Diagrams with Layers

Make Dealing with Complicated Visuals Easier

Do you need to add electrical information to a floor plan?

You could add the electrical symbols directly to the floor plan. However, you're diagram will quickly become too cumbersome to deal with. You might have a hard time modifying anything on the floor plan with the new symbols in the way.

You could create a brand new document with the electrical symbols, but then you'd have to recreate your floor plan and maintain the same floor plan diagram in two places.

It's cleaner to treat the electrical symbols as a separate group and just layer them on top of the existing floor plan you already created.

Once your floor plan and electrical plan are separated into layers you can see and modify them independently.

Using layers, you can hide the electrical information when you don't need to see it.

You can also edit the electrical plan independently from the floor plan. You won't accidently click or modify parts of the diagram you don't need to.

Learn more about using layers in SmartDraw here.

Adding layers to a floor plan

Take your diagrams to the next level by creating layers for:

  • electrical information, HVAC, or plumbing for your floor plan
  • proposed changes to your design for your remodel or makeover
  • separate furnishings and interior design items from the structural layout
  • brainstormed changes to a wireframe for your UI redesign
  • items behind a firewall or on a different subnet for your AWS or network diagram

Layers give you more control over the organization and structure of a complex diagram like a floor plan, network diagram, or landscape design.

Adding layers to a floor plan
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