Create More Manageable Diagrams

Break Down Complexity with Sub-Charts

No one likes drinking from a fire hose. Big companies and big projects often lead to diagrams that would feel like a visual fire hose. Visuals that are too complex to fit on a single page should be broken up into more manageable components for easier consumption and comprehension.

For example, when you're trying to create an organizational chart for a large company, you probably won't be able to fit every position and employee on a single chart. It's best to separate your org chart into sections by department or divisions. Subcharts make this easy.

Start by creating the main chart that shows the CEO of company with the head of each department you're going to visualize separately.

SmartDraw makes adding sub-charts as easy as clicking a button. Once you get to a shape that represents the head of a department, the sub-chart button will create a new page in the same document where you can continue your diagram.

You can easily add a new page for the Marketing Department that's linked to the main organizational chart. The sub-chart will be automatically linked to the shape it was created from, so you can navigate to all the departments by simply clicking on the links from the original chart.

You can also easily add sub-processes to a complicated flowchart to make it easier to follow and add sub-maps to a mind map to clearly index hubs of information, meeting agendas and project tasks. It's a very powerful tool.

Learn more about adding sub-charts in SmartDraw.

Create subcharts
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