Transform Any Flowchart Into a Swimlane

Automation Makes Swimlanes Easy

You can convert any flowchart to a swimlane diagram by adding a pool with swimlanes. You can even change the orientation of your lanes on the fly without having to start over. You can choose from: vertical, horizontal or grid.

Add or delete swimlanes easily as needed.

The swimlanes automatically expand to make room for shapes as you add them. No manual drawing required.

If you selected a horizontal swimlane, the lanes will automatically expand horizontally to make room for additional steps. If you need a vertical swimlane, the swimlanes will expand vertically.

In addition to expanding the size of lanes to accomodate a growing diagram, SmartDraw will also add lanes automatically as needed. If a shape you add to a horizontal lane would fall outside of it vertically, SmartDraw will automatically add a new lane to the pool to accommodate your new step.

Click here to learn more about using SmartDraw for swimlanes.

Transform any flowchart into a swimlane
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