British Royal Family Tree

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Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon the Queen Mother
George Windsor VI
b. 1865-1952
British Royal Family
Antony Armstrong-Jones
b. 1930
Margaret Rose
Elizabeth II
b. 1926
Prince Phillip
Duke of Edinburgh
Prince Edward
Earl of Wessex
b. 1964
m. Sophie Rhys-Jones
Anne Princess Royal
b. 1950
m. Mark Philips (divorced 1992)
Sarah Ferguson
b. 1959
Prince Andrew Duke of York
b. 1960
Lady Diana Spencer
Prince of Wales
b. 1948
Prince Henry of Wales
b. 1984
Prince William of Wales
b. 1982
David, Viscount Linley
b. 1961
Princess Eugenie of York
b. 1990
Princess Beatrice of York
b. 1988

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