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SmartDraw Cloud is the easiest way to create any diagram on any device. It's a revolutionary app that brings the full power of a desktop application to a web browser.

And better yet, SmartDraw Cloud is fully integrated with SmartDraw for Windows. You can move seamlessly between the Windows and Cloud versions. Start a diagram at work on your Windows desktop and finish it on the go on your iPad or Mac laptop. You'll never have to worry about working on the latest version of a diagram or device compatibility again.

With SmartDraw Cloud, you can now:

  • Make and edit diagrams on a Mac or online.
  • Share your diagrams online without worrying about device or compatibility issues. Just email colleagues a link—no sign up or login required.
  • Save diagrams to your Cloud account or to any compatible third party service such as Dropbox®, Google Drive, and OneDrive®.
  • Insert diagrams into Google Docs and Sheets
  • View the history of any diagram and restore it to a previous state.
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The Best Online Diagramming Tool Available

SmartDraw has always been the best way to create a diagram using Windows, now it's now the best way to create a diagram on a Mac or using a web browser too.

SmartDraw Cloud is more sophisticated and powerful than any other online diagramming application. With SmartDraw Cloud you get all the power of a desktop product in your browser. You start with one of our smart templates and powerful automation helps you align shapes and objects to create a presentation-quality diagram in just minutes. See how SmartDraw compares to Lucidchart.

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The Best Visio® for Mac Alternative

Over the years, SmartDraw has proven itself a better alternative to Visio® on a Windows platform, but now it's also the best alternative on all other platforms, including Macs.

SmartDraw Cloud adds three more reasons that makes SmartDraw a better choice:

  1. Unlike Visio®, which is tied to Windows, SmartDraw Cloud lets you create and edit documents on any device you wish to use.
  2. You can share documents with anyone on any platform whether they use SmartDraw or not.
  3. With SmartDraw Cloud's new Visio® import feature, you can both share and edit Visio® files online too.

Compared to Visio®, SmartDraw continues to give you intuitive tools that make drawing feel automated, thousands more built-in symbols and templates, and sophisticated integration with the tools you already use from MS Office® to Dropbox®.

And SmartDraw can import even the most complex Visio® files and Visio® stencils, making the transition to replace Visio® painless. If you have co-workers who still use Visio®, you can also export any diagram back to Visio® for continue collaboration.

Learn more about why SmartDraw is the smarter Visio® alternative.

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