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Visualize Your House or Cabinet Layout with the Help of Elevation Drawings

An elevation drawing shows the finished appearance of a house or interior design often with vertical height dimensions for reference. With SmartDraw's elevation drawing app, you can make an elevation plan or floor plan using one of the many included templates and symbols. You can easily add features like doors and windows, or drag-and-drop cabinet layouts from a large collection of relevant visuals.

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Why SmartDraw is the Best Way to Make Elevation Drawings

  • Built-In Elevation Drawing Templates
    Never start with a blank page. Choose an elevation template that is most similar to your plan and customize it quickly and easily.
  • A Large Collection of Elevation Drawing and Floor Plan Symbols
    You'll get thousands of professionally designed graphics for windows, doors, appliances, cabinets, roofing, and landscape features. You'll also get traditional overhead floor plan symbols for furniture, HVAC, and more!
  • Professional Textures and Colors
    SmartDraw includes beautiful textures for cabinets, walls, and more.
  • Powerful but Intuitive Floor Plan Tools
    SmartDraw helps you align and arrange all the elements of your floor plan perfectly. You can simply type to resize any elements from walls to furniture. Plus, you'll always be able to switch between built-in professional scales, metric or otherwise without having to restart your drawing.
  • Free Support
    Got a question? Call or email us. SmartDraw experts are standing by ready to help, for free!
Elevation drawing symbols and templates

How to Make an Elevation Drawing Online

SmartDraw makes it easy to plan your house and shelving designs from an elevation perspective. You can easily pick a template from our collection: exterior house plan elevations, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room elevations and templates for cabinet and closet design. The symbol libraries will be specific to the room type for your selected template and will also include other common elevation libraries like doors, windows, and shelf units in storage. If you don't see what you want, you can search for symbols in SmartDraw's extensive collection.

To add anything to your elevation plan, just drag and drop. You can easily resize any object by simply typing in its dimensions.

You can add final touches by adding color or texture to any surface or object.

Make an Elevation Drawing From Templates in Minutes

Choose an elevation drawing below to open SmartDraw in your browser to start making an elevation plan right now.

Make Your Elevation Drawings Online and Share Them Easily

SmartDraw's elevation drawing app works anywhere whether your prefer working on Windows or Mac.

You can add your completed elevation drawing to any Microsoft Office® application like Word® or PowerPoint® in just a single click. Or save and export your design in a variety of common graphics formats such as a PDF or PNG.

SmartDraw integrates with the tools you use

SmartDraw's Customers

Over 85% of Fortune 500 companies use SmartDraw to make floor plans and other business diagrams, as do more than 250,000 public, private and government organizations worldwide.

SmartDraw customers

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