Shipping Process Flowchart

This shipping process flowchart template is a great starting place when you need to have an easy to follow visual outlining the intricacies of your shipping process. Start with the shipping process example provided then modify it as needed to reflect the exact steps in your process. You can even include links to contact and account information for each of your vendors.

Text in this Example:

Shipping Process
Ship all orders with UPS World Ship
Open UPS World Ship
Sort Batches by US Mail, UPS, and
Fed Ex
Print Summary Order, batch detail, press 'Post Batch'
Check all batches for fraudulent or duplicate orders
Go to Portal and go to 'Open Order'
Enter the bag weight and process the label
UPS World Ship input Cust ID, and press the Tab key
Close all UPS Mail bags and weigh them
Stamp all International Media, Place all Media in UPS Bags
Pack all media into envelopes
Are there any FedEx Orders?
Go to print the labels
Enter tracking # from "EDR" to Closed Batches
Put bags by door with the Driver Summary label
Close UPS World Ship and Run an 'End of Day Report'
Weigh bags and fill out the Control Form

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