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Gantt Chart Software That's Both Easy and Powerful

When considering Gantt chart software, consider this. Only SmartDraw lets you switch among four different views of your project—Gantt chart, assignment view, project view and timeline. This makes it easy to brainstorm projects, run meetings, manage deadlines, and create reports. Simply input your information and SmartDraw's built-in automation does the rest.

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Top reasons SmartDraw is the ideal project management chart (Gantt chart) software:

  • Automatic Formatting
    Click simple commands and SmartDraw builds your Gantt chart for you, automatically. Add or remove tasks, change start or end dates, and SmartDraw realigns and arranges all the elements so that everything looks great.
Automatic gantt chart formatting

  • Four Different Views of the Same Data
    SmartDraw allows you to view the data behind any project chart as a mind map for easy brainstorming, as an assignment for productive project status meetings, and as a timeline for quick reports. Simply choose the right view for the occasion with a single click. Changes made in any view will be automatically reflected in the project chart and all other views as well.
  • Built-In Accountability
    The assignment view lets you see who is doing what at a glance. You can see the progress for each task, color coded to show when something is late or when a task is complete.
Switch gantt chart views

  • Intuitive Controls
    To help manage even the largest of project charts, SmartDraw's floating toolbar lets you control the level of detail you see and helps you scroll through large charts.
  • Smarter Organization
    With SmartDraw, you can group related tasks quickly using one-click controls and the length of the parent task will reflect the length of all the child tasks automatically.
Floating gantt chart tool bar

  • Powerful Customization
    You can control how days and holidays are displayed on your chart with just a few clicks. You can choose the timeframe, holidays, and even choose which columns you want to display on your chart.
Project options

  • Save Time with Custom Task Libraries
    Save time by saving repeated tasks within a project as a task library. Your library saves the hierarchy of tasks and even the people assigned to them and task duration. To add your saved library to a new project, just drag and drop it into your new chart.
Task libraries
  • Free Support
    Got a question? Call or email us. SmartDraw experts are standing by ready to help, for free!

Smart Integration with Microsoft Project® and Office®

Need to share your Gantt chart with people who still use Microsoft Project? No problem. Export your chart to a Microsoft Project file with a single click.

You can also insert your chart into any Office® application in one click.

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Gantt Chart Examples

Check out these examples of Gantt charts created with SmartDraw. You'll get plenty of templates and examples to customize yourself.

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