Integration with the Atlassian Stack

The free SmartDraw Connectors for Confluence and Jira let you connect to your existing SmartDraw account and access and embed any diagrams you created in SmartDraw.

You can use the same diagram on multiple pages and issues and when the original is updated, all copies will be updated automatically.

SmartDraw for Confluence and Jira - Atlassian Verified

The Benefits of SmartDraw's Connector for the Atlassian Stack

  • Easy access to files created with your existing SmartDraw account
  • Use the same diagram on multiple Confluence pages or Jira issues and dashboards
  • When a document is updated, all pages and issues that contain that diagram are also updated automatically
  • Reduce clutter and confusion by not creating copies of diagrams: you will always work with the actual file in your account
  • Import Visio® and Lucidchart® files
  • Extend value of your site license and get full access to SmartDraw files the Atlassian stack
  • Central control of docs using SmartDraw enterprise account administration
Add your diagrams to Confluence and Jira

Get the Free SmartDraw Connector for Confluence and Jira

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