World Oil Production Map

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Canada: 3.288 MMbbl/day
Russia: 9.677 MMbbl/day
Nigeria: 2.443 MMbbl/day
Libya: 1.809 MMbbl/day
Algeria: 2.122 MMbbl/day
Saudi Arabia: 10.665 MMbbl/day
China: 3.845 MMbbl/day
Iran: 4.148 MMbbl/day
Iraq: 2.008 MMbbl/day
Angola: 1.435 MMbbl/day
United States: 8.330 MMbbl/day
Mexico: 3.707 MMbbl/day
Brazil: 2.166 MMbbl/day
Venezuela: 2.803 MMbbl/day
World Oil Production 2006
(millions of barrels per day)
Source: Energy Information Administration, Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government.
Indonesia: 1.102 MMbbl/day
Norway: 2.786 MMbbl/day
Kazakhstan: 1.388 MMbbl/day
United Kingdom: 1.689 MMbbl/day

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