Physical Assesment Flowchart

What steps should be taken to treat a patient when they first arrive at your facility? Make sure everyone on your staff knows what to look for and what to do in each situation by using a physical assessment flowchart. Using this physical assessment flowchart example can help you build your own flowchart, specifically designed for the assessments performed in your facility. Customize it by simply adding, moving or deleting steps and decisions-then add links to contact information for doctors and other staff, or to detailed instructions on performing various steps of the assessment.

Text in this Example:

Physical Assessment
primary steps
Temperature: Check the patient's body temperature
Is the patient breathing normally?
Respiratory status: airway patency, lung sounds, rate/rhythm/depth of respiration
Does skin appear normal?
Skin condition: check color and collateral circulation
Patient arrives in PACU
Continue to monitor patient every hour or as necessary
Normal pulse rate?
Cardiovascular status: Check pulse, heart sounds, and capillary refill
Can patient move and respond?
Neurological status: Check LOC, movements and sensations
Temp. below 95 degrees?
Check pulse, call doctor
Check for obstructions, call doctor
Add additional blankets to warm patient
Check consciousness, call doctor

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