Business Ownership Chart

Investors, bankers, lenders, insurers and many others will ask to see a chart of your business ownership structure. Give them a professional looking chart by starting with this business ownership chart template. With a few simple clicks you can tailor it to suit your business, giving you a chart you'll be proud to present.

Text in this Example:

Class B Member (70%) and Manager
Iris Enterprises L.P.
a Delaware limited liability partnership
Class A Member (30%) Iris Executive Officer Group
Class B Member (80%) & Manager, Titanic Holdings L.P. (80%)
a Delaware limited partnership
Class A Members (20%)
Titanic Executive Officer Group
16.67% GENERAL Partner
Lola Cola, LLC
a Delaware limited liability company
16.66% GENERAL Partner in Sunshine Beverages, LLC
High-Rev Cola, LP
50% LIMITED Partner (~100 individuals)
General Partner (27%) Paradise Partners, Inc.,
a Delaware corporation (50% owned by Bill Matheson and 50% owned by Maria Matheson)
Limited Partner (63%)
~150 individuals
General Partner (33%)
Magikal Group, Inc.,
a Delaware Corporation (50% owned by Linda Jackman and 50% owned by Bill Hallisay)
Limited Partner (67%) approximately 200 individuals
Class B Member (80%) and Manager
Macro Enterprises, L.P.
Macro Executive Officer Group
General Partner (55%) Hibiscus Drinks, Inc.,
a Delaware corporation (50% owned by AJ Jenkins and 50% by Theresa Jenkins
Limited Partner (45%) approximately 150 individuals
16.67% GENERAL partner
SoCo Drinks, LLC

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