Environmental Agency Org Chart

Trying to develop an organizational chart for your environmental agency? Start with this environmental agency org chart example and customize it to display the intricacies of your agency.

Text in this Example:

Executive Director's Office
Executive Director: Jacqueline McGlade
Deputy Director:
Gordon McInnes
Strategic Knowledge and Innovation
Program Manager:
David Stanners
Environmental Assessment Program Manager:
Peter Bosh
Analysis, Integration & Reporting
Program Manager:
Jock Martin (acting)
Information Technology
Group Leader:
Orjan Lindberg
Multimedia Communications
Bert Jansen
Data Access and Management
Tim Haigh
IT Networking and Data Flows
Hermann Peifer
Production and Support
Linda Jandrup
Information and Data Services
Sigfus Bjarnason
Domingo Zorrilla
Human Resource Management
Ulla Krantz
ADS Administrative Services,,
Jeff Maes
Client Relations and Effectiveness Evaluations
Group Leader:
Ove Caspersen
Management and Network Support,
Jytte Keldborg
Corporate Affairs
Jeff Huntington (acting)
Teresa Ribeiro
Policy Analysis
Ann Dom
Spatial Analysis
Ronan Uhel
Eva Carlson
Sectoral Integration,
Aphrodite Mourelatou
Waste, Materials, Chemicals, & Health
Water and Biodiversity
Niels Thyssen
Air and Climate Change
Andre Jol

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