Photo Organization Chart

As businesses become more decentralized and more people work remotely, it's easy to lose a sense of connection with your co-workers. Create a photo organization chart to help keep things a little more personal. Use this photo organization chart example as a starting place, rearrange or modify the cells to reflect your organization, update it with the appropriate names and titles-then add pictures and your co-workers are now more than a voice on a conference call or a name in an email.

Text in this Example:

Julie Yang
Kimberly Weber
Sales Assistant
Melinda McKinney
Admin Assistant
Britney Simpson
Maya Ruddy
Advertising Assistant
Michael Duckworth
Sales Manager
Henry Fields
Advertising Manager
Martha Mables
Circulation Manager
Casey Warren
Advertising Director
Elizabeth Smith
Director of Sales
Scott Bing
Copy Editor
Donald Price
Editorial Assistant
Miles Kincaid
Christine Keith
Bill Dean
Assistant Editor
Donna Velasco
Thurston Field
Ma Huang
Jasmine Young
Managing Editor
Lisa Monroe
Executive Editor
Jason Bruce
Business Director

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