Research Division Org Chart

Use this research division org chart example as a starting place to map the structure of your research division. Simply begin with this template and modify to include your employees and positions. You can link to employee bios or other important information such as patents held or past projects.

Text in this Example:

Paula Dahlberg
Vice President, Research
Tim Blackwell
VP of Technology Commercialization
Leeland Olson
Director of Research Administration
Lenore Craftman
Associate VP of Research
Ann Murphy
Attending Veterinarian
Janis van der Hoff
Associate VP
Brad Wilson
Hazmat Specialist
Diane Miller
Radiation Safety Officer
Joshua Larsen
Compliance Specialist
Carrie Jenkins
Biosafety Officer
Paul Ryan
Training Coordinator
Wanda Fisher
Compliance Officer
Peggy Casper
Environmental Programs Specialist
Grants & Contracts

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