US Government Org Chart

Taking a civics class or simply want a better understanding of how the US government is organized? Use this US government org chart template as a study aid---remove the names from the boxes then try to fill them in yourself. You can always go back to the original example to check your work.

Text in this Example:

Secretary of Homeland Security
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of ,Housing & Urban ,Development
Secretary of Health & Human Services
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of the Interior
Attorney General
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of State
President Pro Tempore of the Senate
House of Representatives
Library of Congress
Government Printing Office
General Accounting ,Office
Congressional Budget Office
Architect of the Capitol
Supreme Court Justice
Chief Justice
Supreme Court
Judicial Branch
Legislative Branch
Executive Branch
US Government
Speaker of the House
Vice President

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