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Visualize employee information and make org charts quickly from templates and data

The Easy Choice for Making Org Charts Online

Easy to Use

Drag and drop or click simple commands to add employees while creating and maintaining the organizational structure automatically. Add, move, or remove employees, and SmartDraw's org chart maker realigns and arranges all the elements so that everything continues to look great without any manual redrawing or reconnecting.

Easy to Build Your Org Chart from Data

If you keep a list of employees in Excel® or you can get one from where you manage employees—whether that's Workday®, BambooHR® or some other HR software—you can generate an organizational chart without any drawing at all.

SmartDraw will also let you connect to Azure AD to generate an organizational chart automatically from your Azure directory.

Easy to Do More

You can make a large organization seem manageable by breaking their org chart into smaller sub-charts. SmartDraw lets you create a sub-chart with just a click of a button for departments and teams as needed.

You can also you enhance your chart with data associated with shapes. You can create conditional formatting based on data points. For example, you can highlight top earners on your sales team or show anyone falling behind on their quotas.

Easy to Work With Other Apps

SmartDraw is easy to work with no matter what other apps you use. You can add org charts to:

  • Microsoft Office®
    • Word®
    • PowerPoint®
    • Excel®
  • Microsoft Teams®
  • Google Workspace
    • Google Docs
    • Google Sheets
  • Atlassian apps
    • Confluence
    • Jira

Easy to Save to Your Existing Storage Solution

SmartDraw works hand in glove with most file storage systems. You can save your org charts directly to:

  • SharePoint®
  • OneDrive®
  • Google Drive
  • Egnyte®
  • DropBox®
  • Box®

There is no need to create a parallel set of common folders and permissions, SmartDraw can just save files directly into your existing set up. You can spend less time managing software and more time on making organizational charts.

Easy to Share

Share your org chart with anyone, even if they don't own a copy of SmartDraw, with a link. You can also easily export any diagram as a PDF or common image formats like PNG or SVG.

Easy to Share

Easy to Get Help

Have a question? Chat or email us. SmartDraw support is in-house and free!

Easy to Get Help

Easy Collaboration

Get feedback on your restructuring or succession plans by sharing your organizational chart with your team.

You and your team can work on the same org chart by saving it to a shared folder or by simply emailing them a link.

SmartDraw also works where you already communicate with your team. You can collaborate on org charts in Microsoft Teams®, Slack or Confluence.

Your team can modify the org chart if they have proper permissions or they can leave comments and feedback.

Org Chart Collaboration

Visuals Your HR and Operations Departments Need

Use SmartDraw's organizational chart software to create a visual of your organization's structure and improve visibility into how your company works. An org chart can serve as a visual employee directory that helps onboard new hires. By creating an org chart in SmartDraw, you can also easily propose changes to your existing structure and facilitate discussions about reporting, restructuring, redundancies, succession and more.

Org Chart for HR

Our Org Chart Maker Features

  • Professional org chart templates
  • Ability to add photos and logos
  • Ability to create custom themes
  • Change layout in a click
  • Import data from Excel®
  • Connect to Azure Active Directory
  • Powerful shape data
  • Ability to add sub-charts
  • Easy collaboration and sharing
  • Works with Google Workspace
  • Works with with Microsoft Office®
  • Works with Microsoft Teams®
  • App for Confluence® and Jira®
  • Works with 3rd party storage providers

How to Make Your Organizational Chart from Data Automatically

Step 1

Export Data from HR Software

The easiest way to make an org chart is to generate it automatically from data. You can make an org chart from Excel® data or data you export from any common HR software like BambooHR or Workday. Wherever your company manages employees, you'll want to export a data file of your company information as a CSV.

Step 2

Import Data

Generate your organizational chart by importing your data into SmartDraw's "Build Org Chart from Data" template. Once you data is loaded, you can select which data you want to display in the visual, which to ignore, and which to show only as a tooltip.

Once your visual is generated, you can easily edit it and modify it using SmartDraw's built-in tools. Plan for change or succession without disrupting your live data.

If you don't have access to data, the steps for making an org chart are a little different. You can quickly build an organization chart manually by following the steps below.

How to Make Your Org Chart Online

Step 1

Determine the Scope of Your Organizational Chart

First, decide what part of the organization you want to include. Most companies are too big and complex for a single organizational chart. You'll want to pick a department or team to limit your scope.

Step 2

Determine What Information to Include

Usually, an org chart will contain the names of employees or the titles of each position. You can include both. You can also include additional information like phone numbers, email addresses, office location, and so on.

Step 3

Start with an Org Chart Template

It's easiest if you have an org chart maker, with lots of professional org chart templates and designs to help you get started. In SmartDraw, you can start with the basic org chart template.

Step 4

Add Names and Positions

Select the top box and type to add the name of the top position you want to include in your diagram. This may be a CEO, a department head, or a team leader.

Step 5

Add and Connect New Org Chart Shapes

Next, you'll want to fill out your org chart with positions. To add another position to the org chart, click any yellow arrow around a shape to add another shape in the direction of the arrow. The new shape will be automatically connected to the other shapes in your chart.

Step 6

Add Photos

Communicate more than organizational structure by adding photos for each position. Put a face to that name by inserting photos for each employee.

Step 7

Change Colors

Dress up any organizational chart with professional colors. You can apply pre-designed color themes. You can also create a custom theme that matches your brand or organization.

Step 8

Get Feedback

In a lot of cases, organizational charts are used to plan new teams, reorganize an existing structure, or make a plan for succession in case employees leave. Using SmartDraw to collaborate on your org chart and succession planning is easy. You can easily share an organizational chart using shared folders or links. Your team can leave comments or edit the org chart. You can control who can view or edit any diagram.

Step 9

Share Your Org Chart

Once your organizational chart is ready you can export it as a PDF, PNG, or SVG. You can easily insert into PowerPoint®, Word®, or Excel® or any Google Workspace app like Google Docs.

See Why SmartDraw is the Easiest Org Chart Maker

SmartDraw's org chart software is used by most Fortune 500 companies and thousands of businesses worldwide. Why? Because it's easy to use and offers incredibly powerful features.

There's virtually no learning curve. SmartDraw does much of the drawing for you. Add positions to your org chart with a click. SmartDraw inserts connecting lines and positions everything for you. Move them around on the page and SmartDraw reformats the diagram, keeping everything perfectly aligned, automatically. Add photos and apply presentation-quality themes so that your org charts always look professional.

Organizational Chart Templates & Examples

With SmartDraw's org chart maker, you'll get plenty of built-in organizational chart templates and examples to help you get started. Choose any and add your own organization's information to make it your own. You can use org charts to show work responsibilities in addition to reporting relationships. An org chart can help other members of your company see where they fit in and help managers oversee growth and change.

What is an Organizational Chart?

An organizational chart or "org chart" is a visual that shows reporting relationships and hierarchy for a company, government entity, or team. They can be informational in nature so new employees can see the structure of an organization and understand how they may fit in during onboarding. Org charts can also be used by management for planning and restructuring as necessary.

What is an Org Chart

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Organizational Chart Software

Can you create an org chart from Excel®?

You can import a CSV file from Excel® or other sources to automatically build an organizational chart with SmartDraw's org chart maker. Learn more about importing Excel data.

Can you convert a Visio org chart?

You can import an org chart from Visio® into SmartDraw and continue to edit it. You will be able to add new shapes, change text, change colors, and more. SmartDraw currently imports VSD and VSDX files. Learn more about Visio import.

What is the best program for org charts?

While there are many org chart makers available on the market, none are as complete of a solution as SmartDraw. SmartDraw has better automation, powerful tools—all while being more affordable and available on any platform.

How to change the layout of an org chart?

SmartDraw's org chart maker lets you change the layout of your entire org chart in a click. You can invert a top-down org chart or make your chart go left to right or vice versa. You can also easily modify your branch style or click and drag individual boxes around and your entire chart will automatically adjust to any changes. Let SmartDraw do the work for you. Learn more.

How do you change reporting structure?

You can easily rearrange or make changes to any position on your org chart. Just drag and drop any box to where you need it to be. SmartDraw’s org chart software will always keep your chart organized automatically. You will never have to redraw lines or reconnect boxes manually.

Can I add photos to my org chart?

Photos can really enhance an organizational chart, by letting you put faces to names. You can easily add headshots to your org chart. SmartDraw’s org chart software will let you upload photos and automatically format it to fit your organizational chart. Learn how to add photos.

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