General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Litigation

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General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Litigation
Arrange for outside investigator
Arrange for expert witnesses
Locate, interview and obtain witness statements
Draft response to interrogatories, requests for production, requests for admission
Draft discovery motions
Prepare summons and service of process
Draft interrogatories, requests for productions, request for admissions
Draft provisional remedy documents including injunction, TRO's and attachments
Draft answer and/or other defensive pleadings
Draft complaint
Attend document productions
Prepare witness for deposition
Prepare witness files
Draft deposition questions and prepare deposition outline
Schedule deposition and arrange court reporter
Prepare and serve subpoena duces tecum
Research legislative history
Obtain/examine public records
Control numbering and history of documents produced and received
Review documents for response to request for production including screening for relevance and privilege
Organize documents and other physical evidence
Draft demand letters and subpoenas
Draft motions for extension of time
Draft affidavits and declarations
Prepare statistical/factual summaries or chronologies
Analyze/summarize factual information
Obtain, review and analyze medical records
Follow up after depositions for additional information
Index, digest and summarize depositions
Attend depositions
Prepare deposition designations
Prepare trial subpoenas
Prepare trial notebooks
Organize trial exhibits
Review trial exhibits for evidentiary purposes, relevance and authentication
Draft stipulation for admissibility of exhibits
Identify and prepare potential and expert witnesses
Review briefs for accuracy of factual information
Check cites and/or Shepardize
Draft legal memoranda and/or briefs including table of cases, statement of facts and appendices
Prepare settlement calculations
Draft cost bill
Maintain list of exhibits as mentioned, offered, admitted or objected to
Attend trial, noting developments of the case as well as reactions of jurors, witnesses and opposing counsel during trial
Monitor preparation of chart/graphs and other demonstrative evidence for use at trial
Coordinate witness attendance at trial
Draft jury instructions and voir dire
Obtain jury list, biographical information on jurors
Draft pretrial statements and settlement conference memoranda
Prepare documents and testimony to use for impeachment
Maintain and update form files
Prepare recap or outline of trial transcripts
Prepare corrections to trial transcript
Draft factual information for appeal brief
Draft notice of appeal
Supervise post-judgment collections
Draft settlement documents, including releases and dismissals
Prepare comparative analysis of terms of potential settlement agreements

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