Public Sector Paralegal

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Salary Range
Supervisor Duties
Para- professional
Specific Duties
Plan new activities and programs for and with senior citizens
Advocate senior citizens' concerns and activities
Attend staff meetings of Senior Citizens Advocate Center
Make referrals for clients to appropriate agencies for legal and non-legal purposes
Meet and work with senior citizens' clubs and organizations
See that all files and records for each client are kept up to date
Complete all cases and other work, and close out files
Perform appropriate legal research and prepare necessary legal documents for clients
maintain statistical and other appropriate records
Assist in the preparation of case pleadings
Dispose of some controversies through negotiations with adverse parties
Screen cases for relevance and importance
Conduct investigations
Interview clients and prepare necessary intake forms
Prepare any evaluations required by the Attorney
Inform senior citizens and organizations of their legal rights and assist the Attorney in community legal education
The para-professional will be directly responsible to the Attorney in the Advocate Center
Ability to operate efficiently in a law practice
Ability to communicate and work closely with individuals and groups
An appreciation for and understanding of the problems of senior citizens
The ability to work with senior citizens
Ability to collect and compile demonstrative evidence for cases
Ability to read and understand legal publications necessary to cases
Ability to prepare letters, pleadings, legal memoranda, etc., necessary in cases
Experience or additional education or training, in the area of senior citizens' matters
Graduation from high school or equivalency (if not attained, sixty days will be given to make arrangements for same)
$ 6,000 to $ 9,000 per year
Public Sector Paralegal

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