Modernistic Speeds Up Process Planning with the Help of SmartDraw

Quickly Visualize and Design Processes

Modernistic is the leading national producer of decor, displays, graphics and industrial OEM products.

Modernistic's growth and evolution is fueled by talented and responsive associates, emerging technology and its adaptation to changing markets in order to satisfy and exceed their customers' demands with superior results and value.

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A New Quality Assurance Initiative

As the Director of Information Services, Robert Wales's job is to monitor and maintain all business-critical IT systems, research new technologies, and oversee business processes.

Recently, the team at Modernistic, under Robert's direction, wanted to take on a new quality assurance initiative that would involve properly documenting all internal processes. They hoped to both define existing business processes and then refine them to be more efficient.

Searching for the Right Solution

Robert needed an intuitive tool that would shorten the documentation and planning process and allow for more time to actually put their new plans into action without changing or interrupting existing workflows.

His search led him to SmartDraw.

SmartDraw not only had the tools needed to create flowcharts quickly, but it also integrated well with Modernistic's existing set of tools. Team members could build their visuals quickly and easily and then save them to their existing file system on SharePoint®. This made sharing documents a breeze so the team could easily collaborate on the planning process.

The fact that SmartDraw was fully ingerated with Microsoft's entire enterprise suite of tools also meant that Robert could rest easy knowing that there was no need to worry about setting up new permissions. SmartDraw fit right in with everyone's existing workflow.

Making SmartDraw Integral to Quality Assurance

In a short time, Robert says, "SmartDraw has become an integral part of our planning processes. Being able to quickly develop visual representations of our processes has sped up planning exponentially. It was quick and easy to get everyone up and running with its intuitive design."

SmartDraw's intelligent formatting, countless integrations, and company-wide price point has given Modernistic exactly what they needed.

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