School District - Responsibility Assignment

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Director of Curriculum
Director of Technology
School Nurse
Campus Administrators
Community Support
Teachers & Support Staff
School District
Crisis Management Plan
Team Member Responsibilities
Maintain record of all contacts/arrivals.
Coordinate community services as they arrive on campus.
Ensure safety and security of building.
Follow directives of Crisis Management Team.
Accept school and community support services when needed.
Don't tie up phone lines.
Listen to local media for instructions and updates on information.
Initiate identification of at-risk students for counselor.
Follow directives of campus administrators and teachers
Keep school day as near to normal as possible.
Listen and hear student's concerns. Don't be judgmental or moralizing.
Assist campus administrators with staff training for proper use, care, and maintenance of district technologies.
Determines if network or technology is involved in crisis or endangering safety of district personnel or students.
Assist campus administrators with staff training.
Formulates and updates Crisis Management Plan.
Communicates information with health care provider regarding patient status.
Coordinates with campus administrators and counselor.
Identifies students medically at-risk.
Coordinates with outside medical services.
Assists in medical triage.
Give emergency medical instructions.
Maintains record of student contacts.
Contacts key community support personnel.
Triage at-risk students.
Monitors mental health needs of personnel and students. 6, Enacts intervention procedures.
Extends service to the crisis team as appropriate.
Consults with crisis team as appropriate.
Assists in bringing in additional mental health personnel
as needed.
Coordinates with campus administrator and health
Assign designee to man the phone lines.
Serves as the campus crisis coordinator and building
Initiates contact of key personnel.
Determines if the situation warrants implementation of
the crisis plan.
Appraises situations concerning building or vehicle accidents by a direct visit to scene.
Coordinates services needed for vehicle accidents.
Contacts board members
Spokesperson for the district
Coordinates information from the people directly involved.
Serves as or delegates position as Director of Communications
Appraises the situation by a direct visit to campus.
Coordinates with campus administrator to implement crisis

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