How to Import Lucidchart Diagrams

You can easily import Lucidchart documents into SmartDraw in a few easy steps. And it's just as fast and simple to import one, multiple or all of your Lucidchart files at the same time. SmartDraw's import will also reproduce your Lucidchart folder tree if you have one. If you're thinking of switching away from Lucidchart but are worried about leaving all your documents behind, SmartDraw has the solution. Let's walk through moving your documents over to SmartDraw.

Import Lucidchart Diagrams and Folders As an Individual

Step 1: Login to Lucidchart and SmartDraw

Open Chrome (or Microsoft Edge) and login to both your Lucidchart and SmartDraw accounts in two separate tabs.

In SmartDraw, find the "Import" section on the right side of your template browser and click on "Lucidchart File."

Import Lucidchart

Step 2: Install the SmartDraw File Helper App

You'll be prompted to add the SmartDraw File Helper Chrome extension to your Chrome browser. This also works in Microsoft Edge, just click the blue bar at the top thats says "Allow extensions from other stores." Once you've done that, SmartDraw will be ready to retrieve your Lucidchart documents.

SmartDraw File Helper

Step 3: Select the Files You Want to Import

Once SmartDraw has retrieved your files, select the ones you want to import using the checkboxes next to the document names or click "Select All" to import all your documents.

When you're ready, click "Import Selected Files."

SmartDraw will convert your Lucidchart files and even reproduce the files tree in SmartDraw. It's that easy.

Select files

Import Lucidchart Diagrams For Your Entire Organization

The steps above describe importing Lucidchart documents each individual has access to. To migrate your entire organization, you could ask everyone to follow the steps outlined above to move their own documents over.

As an administrator, you can do the migration for your entire team by following these steps:

Step 1: Have Users Move Their Documents to Shared Folders

In Lucidchart, have your team move all the documents they want to migrate into a folder named after their user name so it can easily be tied back to them. Next, make sure they share that folder with you, the adminsitrator.

Have users create shared folders of their documents

You now have access to move everyone's files and folders through you admin account.

You should now have acces

Step 2: Import All Lucidchart Files from Shared Folders

If your team has shared their files with you using shared folders, you can now import all their documents in one go. Simply follow the instructions above.

In the import dialog, you can select all files and folders or just a few specific folders you want to move over.

SmartDraw will recreate your Lucidchart folder tree in SmartDraw.

Import all folders and files from Lucidchart

Step 3: Share Folders with the Original Users

Share the imported folders with their original owners by right-clicking on each folder and choosing "Share."

In the share dialog that comes up, make sure you set the permissions to "View and Edit" in the drop down menu and either copy the link to share on your own or enter their email address and let SmartDraw notify them that their files are ready.

Share everyone's folders

Import From Group Shared Folders

If your organization already stores all its diagrams in shared folders and users don't have any private files, you can skip the step of making users create shared folders and then redistributing those folders after migration.

Step 1: Create Matching Shared Folders in SmartDraw

In this scenario, we assume your organization has shared folders that correspond to teams and departments. For example, you may have a UX team folder, QA team folder, a Marketing team folder, and so on.

As an administrator, you can create these folders in SmartDraw and share them with the appropriate groups.

Login to your Account, click on "Licenses & Subscriptions", choose a license, and go to "Create Shared Folders."

Click the "Add Folder" button and create the folders that match your current Lucidchart structure.

Once your folders are created you can assign permissions and share them with the appropriate SSO groups.

Click here to learn more about creating shared folders.

Manage shared folder permissions

Step 2: Import Your Lucidchart Folders

Follow the steps outlined at the top of this page to import all your Lucidchart files and folders.

SmartDraw will import the file structure you have in Lucidchart into the root of SmartDraw.

Import Shared Folders

If the folder names from Lucidchart match the shared ones you created in the Admin interface, your files will automatically be added to the new shared folders you set up. You don't have to do anything else. The files are not automatically shared in SmartDraw using the permissions you set up.

Imported Folders for Teams
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