How to Import Lucidchart Diagrams

You can easily import Lucidchart documents into SmartDraw in a few easy steps. And it's just as fast and simple to import one, multiple or all of your Lucidchart files at the same time. SmartDraw's import will also reproduce your Lucidchart folder tree if you have one. If you're thinking of switching away from Lucidchart but are worried about leaving all your documents behind, SmartDraw has the solution. Let's walk through moving your documents over to SmartDraw.

Step 1: Login to Lucidchart and SmartDraw

Open Chrome and login to both your Lucidchart and SmartDraw accounts in two separate tabs.

In SmartDraw, find the "Import" section on the right side of your template browser and click on "Lucidchart File."

Import Lucidchart

Step 2: Install the SmartDraw File Helper App

You'll be prompted to add the SmartDraw File Helper Chrome extension to your Chrome browser. Once you've done that, SmartDraw will be ready to retrieve your Lucidchart documents.

SmartDraw File Helper

Step 3: Select the Files You Want to Import

Once SmartDraw has retrieved your files, select the ones you want to import using the checkboxes next to the document names or click "Select All" to import all your documents.

When you're ready, click "Import Selected Files."

SmartDraw will convert your Lucidchart files and even reproduce the files tree in SmartDraw. It's that easy.

Select files