Get SmartDraw Companywide for One Low Price

The SmartDraw Annual Site License

With an annual site license everyone in your organization can use SmartDraw for as low as $2,995 per year. No need to count licenses or seats. Anyone who wants access can have access with no additional charge.

With a site license you also get:

  1. Access to SmartDraw's powerful online edition
  2. SmartDraw for Windows Desktop
  3. Enterprise level license administration for document and user control
  4. No more upgrade fees
  5. Free premium support
  6. Free content updates

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SmartDraw vs Visio site license cost

SmartDraw Offers Enterprise Level Administrative Controls

SmartDraw's site license offers powerful administrative controls that make it easy to

  1. Control who may access the SmartDraw and how they can share documents
  2. Retain control of all documents, even those stored online
  3. Consolidate multiple existing accounts and trials under a single license with full administrative control

Learn more about SmartDraw's site license controls.

SmartDraw site license

SmartDraw is a Better Choice for Diagramming Than Visio®

For about half the cost of Visio®, you can outfit your entire organization with a SmartDraw site license. Low cost and easy administration are only two of the reasons to switch to SmartDraw. There are many more including:

  1. SmartDraw is easier to use than Visio® and more powerful. See why. Watch the video.
  2. SmartDraw imports Visio® files and stencils. You can import any Visio® file and fully edit it in SmartDraw.
  3. SmartDraw exports Visio® files. You can continue to collaborate with any Visio® users by exporting any diagram back to Visio®.
  4. SmartDraw can be used on mobile and Mac platforms as well as Windows. With SmartDraw's online edition you can view and edit diagrams on any device, and SmartDraw for Windows is fully integrated with its online counterpart. As a site license administrator you can turn off online access too.
  5. Diagrams you make in SmartDraw can be shared with anyone in their web browser, whether they have access to SmartDraw or not.

Whether you are replacing Visio®, or just want a diagramming application for your organization, SmartDraw and an annual site license is a smart choice.

SmartDraw vs Visio features

SmartDraw Offers a Secure Way to Work

SmartDraw is comprehensively audited for security and provides a dependable infrastructure. SmartDraw is SOC 2 Type II compliant, assuring the highest level of security for your account. We also have redundant data centers and backup processes. We take great measures to make sure your work is always secure. You can work behind the firewall and save your diagrams locally and on your online account. Read more about SmartDraw's security practices.

SOC2 Audit

SmartDraw is Trusted by Millions of Customers Worldwide

SmartDraw has been in the business of making diagramming easy for over 20 years. Our customers range from universities and government agencies to over 75% of the Fortune 500.

SmartDraw customers

SmartDraw helps businesses improve their processes, plan their strategy, and manage their business better.

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SmartDraw is the only diagramming software that runs on a Windows desktop, on a Mac, and online. You can get it companywide for one low price! Learn more.