SmartDraw is the More Powerful, Easier to Use, and Smarter Lucidchart® Alternative

SmartDraw Has Desktop Power in an Online App

Typically online apps are "lighter" and less powerful than desktop apps, but they offer the benefits of easier collaboration and can run on multiple devices. Choosing between an online or a desktop app usually involves this trade-off. Not so with SmartDraw!

SmartDraw, running in your browser, offers the full power of our Windows edition with all of the benefits of collaboration and easy access of an online app. It is much more capable than any other online drawing application, including Lucidchart®.

Furthermore, you can move seamlessly between SmartDraw online and SmartDraw for Windows.

Powerful cloud app

Start a diagram at work on your Windows desktop and finish it on the go on your iPad or Mac laptop. SmartDraw is the only diagramming app to offer both Windows and online editions that are fully integrated and compatible.

  1. SmartDraw is more powerful
  2. SmartDraw is easier to use
  3. SmartDraw makes it easier to transfer your work to other apps
  4. SmartDraw diagrams look more professional
  5. You can run SmartDraw behind a firewall
  6. SmartDraw is a trusted vendor with more than 20 years of experience
Works on any device

SmartDraw is More Powerful Than Lucidchart®

The chart below lists a feature comparison, but watch this video to see the differences even more clearly.

SmartDraw Lucidchart
Create and edit diagrams on the web
Easily share documents with anyone with a simple link
Run in your browser on any device
Run behind the firewall on Windows desktop
Full integration between the online and Windows desktop editions
Pre-installed templates 4,500+ 120+
Built-in symbols 34,000+ 1,800+
Import and Export Visio® diagrams and stencils
Automatic formatting for flowcharts, org charts, and mind maps
Automatic cause and effect diagrams
Easy shape addition, navigation and text entry using just the keyboard
Text stays inside the shape instead of spilling out as text is added or the shape resizes
Multiple text entry areas for any shape and table editing that handles text
Add text along the direction of a line
Show the dimensions of any line
Rulers that reflect the scale of the drawing
Size walls, shapes, and lines with exact dimensions by editing their displayed dimensions directly
Support for Google Drive
Add-on to insert diagrams into Google Docs and Sheets
Integration with Trello®
Support for Dropbox®
Support for Box®
Support for OneDrive

SmartDraw is Easier to Use than Lucidchart®

SmartDraw was designed with the end-user in mind. Years of customer feedback and experience helped refine SmartDraw's interface. We also invented the concept of drawing automation: automatically placing shapes in the correct position and drawing the lines that connect them. Our competitors have tried to copy these ideas, but none make it as effortless as SmartDraw. To really understand the power of automation, make sure you watch this video comparison.

Here is a short summary of just some of the features that make SmartDraw so much more easier to use than Lucidchart®:

  • You can add shapes using just the keyboard and they are automatically placed in the correct position and properly connected to the other shapes in the drawing.
  • You can move a shape from one position to another and it will snap into place all while your drawing reformats automatically.
  • You can delete a shape and the lines will heal and the other shapes will re-adjust to fill the empty space automatically.
  • You can select a shape and start typing text into it without having to double-click.
  • You can tab from one shape to another and enter text.
  • You can click on a small shape, select it, then move or grow it without accidentally drawing a line from it.
Keyboard shortcuts

SmartDraw Makes it Easier to Export Your Work to Other Apps

SmartDraw is more tightly integrated with other apps than Lucidchart.

  • One-click export from SmartDraw to Microsoft Office® products, Pages for the Mac, and PDF
  • Add your diagrams to your team's Trello board with the integrated SmartDraw Trello Power-Up
  • You can also get SmartDraw for Atlassian's Confluence® and Jira®
  • Using SmartDraw's Windows app to open your files allows them to be directly inserted into PowerPoint® and other Office® apps as vector images
  • Export any diagram or symbol as an SVG that can be imported into Adobe Illustrator® or other graphic design programs for further editing
  • You and your team can work on the same diagram by sharing it on your included online account or by using your favorite file sharing apps like Dropbox®, Google Drive, Box® or OneDrive®. You can also share files with non SmartDraw users by simply emailing them a link.

Cloud integrates with the tools you use

SmartDraw Diagrams Look More Professional

SmartDraw lets you choose from a wide variety of themes and styles so your diagrams always look professionally produced. Shapes and lines are properly sized and aligned automatically.

SmartDraw also provides more content:

  • 4,500+ template examples
  • 70+ template categories
  • 34,000+ professionally designed symbols and images

And the symbols in SmartDraw work the way you'd expect them to. All of SmartDraw's symbols are vector-based so they will scale to any size and look perfect. Most of Lucidchart's symbols are bitmaps. If you try to scale and stretch them, the results are blurry and blocky.

Rasterized symbol vs vector symbol

You Can Run SmartDraw Behind Your Firewall

Even though running a Cloud app makes accessing and sharing diagrams easier, some organizations may find this feature undesirable from a security or compliance perspective. Not to worry, all of the features of SmartDraw are available as a native Windows app that can be run behind your firewall, with full integration with SharePoint®.

SmartDraw's companywide site license program makes it amazingly affordable to provide SmartDraw access to everyone in your organization.

SmartDraw behind firewall

SmartDraw is Trusted by Millions of Customers

  • Live telephone support from trained, in-house professionals
  • Over 75% of the Fortune 500 use SmartDraw
  • SmartDraw has been in business for more than 20 years
SmartDraw Customers

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