SmartDraw vs Microsoft Office® Drawing Tools

SmartDraw is More Powerful and Easier to Use

SmartDraw is more powerful than the Office® drawing tools. Its unique design combines smart templates, tools, and automation; making it incredibly easy to use. First-time users are amazed at how much drawing power they have, without even having to draw.

See how SmartDraw compares to the drawing tools in Microsoft Office:

SmartDraw MS Office®
Drawing Tools
Requires you to manually draw, size, and format shapes
Automatically draws and formats shapes for you
Instantly add shapes with a click or keyboard command
Keeps everything perfectly spaced on the page
Inserts connecting lines automatically
Apply professionally designed themes and styles with a click
Build complex charts with split paths using simple commands
Add, move, or delete shapes and everything realigns perfectly
Thousands of ready-to-edit templates and examples

Professional Results

You may already have the drawing tools available in Office, but using SmartDraw will save you time in the end. It will also provide you many more diagram options and a professionally produced result—every time.

Diagram examples

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SmartDraw vs Microsoft Office® drawing tools? There's simply no comparison. SmartDraw lets anyone create rich, complex, great-looking visuals with ease. Even for simple diagrams, SmartDraw is the smarter choice.