SmartDraw has the right solutions to improve your processes, manage your projects, plan your strategy, and more.

Process documentation solution

Process Documentation

Process documentation is an easy-to-use tool for improving efficiency. Whether your goal is to reduce training time, improve quality control or meet regulatory requirements, your organization will benefit by using SmartDraw to document its processes.

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Lean solution


Lean means placing your organization's focus on two things: maximizing customer value while minimizing waste. Implementing a Lean strategy requires clear, concise thinking. This is best accomplished using fast, automated SmartDraw visuals.

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Project management solution

Project Management

SmartDraw simplifies the process of managing projects. You can quickly break down even the most complex project into its underlying tasks using a mind map and switch it to a project chart in just a click.

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Meetings solution

Meetings and Collaboration

SmartDraw is the perfect electronic whiteboard to use with an online meeting platform. A mind map allows anyone to quickly and easily capture plans, tasks, and decisions made during a meeting. Diagrams can easily be built, modified and shared in real time.

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Strategic planning solution

Strategic Planning

Successful companies know that strategic planning is critical to creating competitive advantage and long-term success. SmartDraw gives you all the tools you need to collect and process data, then plan and implement your strategy successfully. It comes out presentation-ready and is easy to publish and share.

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Healthcare solution


SmartDraw helps healthcare organizations operate more efficiently by providing a robust solution to analyze and improve processes through process documentation and Lean methodology. SmartDraw can save your organization money and provide an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that will help your organization become more productive.

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Manufacturing solution


SmartDraw empowers manufacturing companies to really understand their business and improve the efficiency of their operations by first documenting their processes and then eliminating waste. SmartDraw is a robust solution that's also easy to use and cost effective when compared to other diagramming solutions like Visio®.

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