Swim Lane Diagram - Recruiting Process

Use this swimlane diagram recruiting process template to show clearly who is responsible for each activity in the recruiting process, and the steps that must be followed to fill a position. With a few clicks it's easy to modify this example to document to your hiring process, then you can further customize it by linking to internal forms, job descriptions, interview schedules and other related information.

Text in this Example:

Hiring Manager
Upper Management
HR Assistant
Need to Hire Arises
Responses Received?
Place Internet Job Ad with Desired Ad Copy and Job Description
Begin Interview/ Hiring Process
Applicant Received. Suitable Candidate?
Send Job Info to HR Assistant for Job Ad Posting
Submit to Upper Management for Approval
Fill Out Hiring Request Form
Get Desired Ad Copy from Hiring Manager
Manager Submits Approved Requested Hire Form
Review Application. Application Approved?
Remove Ad and Inform Manager
Wait a Month. Any Responses?
Forward Received Responses to Hiring Manager
Recruiting Process

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