Federal Gift Tax Escapes

Create Tax Planning examples like this template called Federal Gift Tax Escapes that you can easily edit and customize in minutes.

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Other Tax Payments
Charitable Contributions
Certain Education Expenses Paid Directly, or through Prepaid Plan.
Certain Medical Expenses Paid Directly for the Benefit of Donee.
Transfers that Escape Gift Tax
Annual Gift Tax Exclusions:
Allows gifts up to the annual gift tax exclusion per donee per year.
Applicable Credit Amount:
Allows tax credits that eliminate gift taxes on transfers up to the applicable gift tax exclusion amount.
Unlimited Marital Deduction:
Allows all property transfers to a surviving spouse to escape gift taxes.
Transfers That Escape Gift Tax
Federal Estate
Taxable Gifts May Result from Lifetime Transfers of Any Property from the Owner to Non Spouse

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