Giftmark Checklists

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Family Giftmarks
Provide for family.
Avoid family feuds.
Encourage selected values.
Spend quality time with family.
Establish family traditions.
Help relatives through tough times.
Compensate for tragedy or misfortune.
Care for parents.
Encourage education.
Encourage work ethic.
Reward and teach family loyalty.
Continue the family name.
Do the unexpected.
Take trips with the family.
Provide funds to trace family genealogy.
Take photos to document.
Demonstrate importance of small gifts.
Teach importance of spending time together.
Business Giftmarks
Transfer business interest..
Continue the family business.
Write agreements for transfer of business.
Develop a management succession.
Train future managers.
Provide life insurance for employees.
Provide disability programs for employees.
Divorce Giftmarks
Sign nuptial agreement.
Maintain relationship with children.
Use peaceful dispute resolution procedures.
Honor visitation rights of other parent.
Personal Finance Giftmarks
Make gifts.
Prepare will.
Execute a financial durable power of attorney.
Secure life insurance that will provide for loved ones and other life's end goals.
Save on taxes.
Create living trust during life that will avoid probate.
Create trusts at end of life.
Extend benefits to future generations.
Protect property from creditors.
Retain property in your family.
Preserve property in case of failed marriages.
Obtain professional management and financial services.
Get professional financial advice.
Carry out beneficiary designations for 401k's, IRAs, retirement plans, and insurance policies.
Donate organs for medical use (transplant
and research)?
Prearrange funeral.
Prearrange burial.
Design/choose monument.
Write own epitaph?
Write own memorial service?
Plan memorial party?
Transfer business interest.
Establish family traditions.

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