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Company Timeline

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October 1998: BSI Founded in the basemen of Keith Johnson's Garage in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
January 1999: After Graduating from the University, Keith and Sarah begin expansion of BSI.
January 2000: BSI is Awarded their 10th contract in the United States, and 3rd in Europe.
October 2000: BSI Conducts first round of extensive research into global warming and use of green energy.
January 2001: BSI Incorporates on their 3 year anniversary as a leading company in green energy!
February 2001: US Navy Contracts BSI to develop new green technology for their mobile land transports.
September 2002: BSI Releases their first report on the uses on green fuel and the advantages of solar power.
October 2003: Based on the worked provided for the US Navy, BSI is awarded a full Department of Defense contract.
February 2004: Keith Johnson sells his shares of BSI, and retires after only 6 years of service and leadership.
March 2005: BSI celebrates their 200th contract nationwide. Their total number of employees is now 300.
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