Police Report

Police Report

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1:30 AM Receive first call from Mrs. Hall. She explains she heard glass break and noise inside home.
1:45 AM Units arrive on scene. Suspect quickly left scene of crime. Mrs Hall is questioned.
3:00 AM Mrs. Hall gives full description of suspect. Air unit called in for search.
3:45 AM Receive second call complaining of noise in backyard 2 blocks from original call. Units spread out.
4:40 AM Suspect matching description of Mrs. Hall detained after ground chase @ 3407 Main St.
5:15 AM Mrs. Hall is escorted to scene, positively identifies suspect as person inside home. Suspect taken to station, booked for breaking and entering, and grand theft.
Police Report by Hour
Assigned To
1:30 AM
5:15 AM
1:45 AM
3:00 AM
3:45 AM
4:40 AM
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