Master Trial Checklist

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Master Trial Checklist
6 weeks before trial
4 weeks before trial
3 weeks before trial
2 weeks before trial
1 week before trial
a day before trial
Complete the taking of all oral depositions
Determine and acquire all necessary evidence and documents
Confirm availability of witnesses for trial
Review any depositions
Make decision in regard to additional pretrial discovery
Review pleadings for any possible amendments
Arrange for the appearance of witnesses
Complete all depositions analysis
Set the pretrial client conference for your attorney or complete the arrangements for pretrial client conferences
Complete the research of any legal questions
Prepare for jury trial
Organize evidence in regard to attorney's fees.
Organize trial exhibits
Docket call
Have the attorney complete preparation for direct and cross-examination of witnesses
Have the attorney meet with the client in preparation for testimony at the trial
Prepare motion in limine
Complete voir dire outline
Complete preparation of special issues
Prepare written stipulations
Draft your instructions to be requested

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