Commencing a Trial

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Depending on the nature of your case and your rules of court, you might prepare in advance for possible use:
It is a good idea to also send out a notice of trial to the opposing counsel, if you are the plaintiff
If applicable, post your jury bond
Advise any witnesses, including experts, of the date, and at the same time, mail to them the appropriate witness fees, if applicable
Advise the client of the trial date and set up an appointment for the client to come in for an office pretrial conference with the attorney
Upon receipt of the trial date from the clerk of the court, mark it on your desk calendar, on the pertinent case file folder, the office master calendar, and the trial attorney's calendar
Request the court for a trial date by filing the appropriate document with the court, with a copy to opposing counsel
Commencing a Trial
Assist your attorney in preparing his opening and final arguments
Prepare and organize your investigation file
Prepare the trial book
Prepare and locate exhibits
Organize and index the evidence folder
Coordinate activities relevant to the trial
Prepare questions to the jury
Preparation of a profile of witnesses and their testimony
Appointment with witnesses prior to trial
Defendant's first-time motion for nonsuit, motion to dismiss, or for directed verdict, if your court requires those motions to be in writing
Written requests for jury instructions to be requested in the case.

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