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Interrogatories are questions that are submitted to another party to the case. That party must answer the questions in writing and sign under oath.
Drafting Interrogatories
Answering Interrogatories
In typing the interrogatories most court rules require that sufficient space be left after each question to permit the answer to be typed immediately following each question
The first questions concern personal data such as name, address, occupation, etc.
The first paragraph of the set of interrogatories consists of boilerplate notices which state the statutory or court rules which govern the interrogatory
Write your interrogatory in the form of single direct, clear questions
Review standard interrogatories and modify them for your particular case. Add original questions about particular matters you need to discover in your case
Review the plaintiff's complaint and/or answer, as well as defenses claimed
Review and reword answers for clarity, but rewording should not change the content of answers
Copy the interrogatories and mail them to the client with an explanatory letter or have the client come into the office to answer the questions
Read the interrogatories and determine whether any of the questions can be answered from documents your client has already provided
Put the due date for the answers on the official calendar

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