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Industry-Leading Visio Export and Import

SmartDraw has the industry-leading import for both Visio files and Visio stencils. No other diagramming program will convert files as accurately as SmartDraw.

Even the most complex shapes and diagrams will import reliably as fully editable SmartDraw diagrams and shapes.

You'll be able to continue to edit the imported diagram: add shapes, change shapes, and more.

If you need to share your files with existing Visio users, you can easily export any diagram as a Visio file.

Collaborate and Communicate With Anyone Easily

If your corporate diagramming standard is still Visio, you can export any diagram in SmartDraw as a Visio file. In the "Home" tab, click on "Export" and choose either "VSD" or "VSDX". If you need VST or VSTX, simply rename the exported file extension. You can now continue to collaborate with anyone in your organization who hasn't made the switch.

You can also share any SmartDraw file as a link with anyone else. They won't need a SmartDraw account to view your document. If they want to edit your document, they can easily sign up for a SmartDraw account or they can edit your file in Visio and you can import it back as necessary.

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