Charts, Graphs, and Gauges Now Available Online

You can now create diagrams with charts, graphs and gauges. Add them to infographics or use them on their own to help you communicate vital data to your team.

Add Charts and Graphs

You can easily add a chart or graph to any diagram by going to the Insert tab and choosing one of the available graph options or starting with a blank chart template. You can choose a pie chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart, donut chart, and more.

You will be prompted for a data file to import from your system. This can be an Excel file, csv, or tab delimited text file. SmartDraw will automatically generate the selected chart type based on the data you supply. It's that easy.

Add charts and graphs

Chart and Graph Templates

We also added some new chart and graph templates and examples to help you get started.

Select a blank template to start with a clean slate or select one of our examples and import your own data.

Chart templates

Edit Chart Properties

SmartDraw makes it easy to customize your charts with advanced editing features. You can even swap the chart type after data import if you think it will help communicate a point better.

Edit charts

Add Gauges

If you want to add a gauge, click on the gauge button on the Insert tab and choose one of the gauge options or start with one of the new gauge templates. The gauge will be added to your work area with a default value.

Add gauges

Gauge Templates

Select a blank gauge template or select one of our examples to help inspire you.

Gauge templates

Editing Gauges

You can easily edit your gauge using the "Data" tab to change its displayed value or you can use the "Edit Gauge" dialog to customize its appearance with advanced features.

Editing gauges
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