Improved Mind Maps: Trello® Integration and Project Charts

Mind maps make it easy to capture and organize your ideas, information, or action items in a structured, yet free-flowing way.

With the latest update, SmartDraw's mind maps are even more powerful:

  • Connect any shape to a Trello card for built-in accountability
  • Convert your mind map to a project chart and turn ideas into action items
  • Get new icons to help you communicate more effectively

Connect Any Shape to a Trello Card

You can easily create a Trello card for any item on a mind map. Brainstorm and run meetings using a mind map and make them actionable with Trello.

  1. Click the "Create Trello Card" button
  2. Login to Trello®
  3. Choose any of your existing boards
  4. Select the lane the task belongs on
  5. Assign a team member

Changes made in Trello such as marking an item as complete will be automatically reflected in SmartDraw and vice versa.

Connect to Trello

View Your Mind Map as a Gantt Chart

You can turn any mind map into a Gantt chart with just a click. Switch between views easily. Changes made in one view will be automatically reflected in the other.

SmartDraw lets you work how you think naturally. Use a mind map to brainstorm ideas and organize and group information. When you're ready, turn your brainstorm into an actionable Gantt chart.

There's no need to recreate work or tediously transfer information into another medium. Just click a button to switch modes and you can now track deliverables, add due dates, assign resources, and note dependencies. It's two ways to view and interact with the same data.

You can get high-level view with a mind map, which is perfect for running a meeting or a creating a presentation.

Using the same data, you can also explore the details of your project and update progress as needed.

View any mind map as a project chart

Updated Icons

Communicate more effectively by letting your team see what you mean at a glance using the new mind map icons. Assign an icon to any shape, using the Add Icon command on the SmartPanel. If you select the task icon, the icon will automatically update to show the progress of that task when you connect your mind map to a project chart or Trello.
New mind mapping icons
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