Powerful New Features for Managing Your Organization's License

Whether you have a multi-seat license for your team or a site license for your entire organization, we just added some new features making it easier to manage how your team can access and work with SmartDraw.

  • We completely revamped and improved the user interface for managing your account
  • You can now make any of the Cloud storage providers we support like Google Drive, OneDrive, and so on the default for all documents
  • If necessary, you can restrict the Cloud storage options available to only approved options for anyone on your license
  • You can create shared folders and manage their permissions
  • You can place users into groups and manage how they interact with SmartDraw and shared folders
  • In addition to Okta and Azure, you can now choose Google G-Suite as your SSO

These latest updates to SmartDraw ensure that you have the tools you need to manage your team effectively.

License Management Improvements

Updated User Interface

We completely restructruced the interface for managing your licenses to make important features easier to find. We wanted to help you find and use all the powerful features that make working with SmartDraw at the enterprise level so easy.

Features are now divided into logical categories like identity management, groups and preferences, and administration.

Updated UI

Choosing A Default Storage Option

You can now set any supported Cloud storage provider as the default location for anyone on your license.

To do so, login to your account, click on "Licenses & Subscriptions", and select the license you want to manage. Next, click on "Set Document Storage Preferences".

Choosing storage preferences

SmartDraw is the default storage selection for all licenses. You can switch the default location to Dropbox®, Google Drive, OneDrive®, or Box®. To change it, select a different provider by clicking on the radio button in the Default column that corresponds to your choice.

In this example, we made Dropbox® the new default storage option.

Set default storage

Allow Only a Specific Storage Provider

In addition to changing the default storage provider, you can restrict the storage options to just one or more approved providers.

Once an option is disallowed, users will no longer be able to choose it for saving their documents. They will able to save their documents only using your selected provider.

In this example, we made Google Drive the only allowed storage option for users.

Allow only specific storage providers

Create Shared Folders

You can create common folders that everyone on your team can share and save documents to.

To create a new shared folder, login to your account, click on "Licenses & Subscriptions", and select license you want to manage.

Choose "Create Shared Folders."

To add a new common folder, click the "Add Folder" button.

You can create one or multiple folders by listing their names and clicking on "Save Folders".

To manage permissions for a folder, select its name and click on "Permissions."

Create shared folders

Manager Users with Groups

You can now place users into groups and have control over the permissions any group has inside the application.

For example, you can allow certain users to have edit access, while others only have read access.

You can also group users by department or seniority. For example, you can create a Development group and a Marketing group as well as an Executive group all with different levels of access.

You can then use these groups to set permissions for shared folders that are only accessible by a particular group. Human Resources may not want to share every document with the entire company, but they can easily share among their group.

Learn more about using groups here.

Manage users with groups

SSO using Google G-Suite and More

Roll out SmartDraw to your entire organization automatically using single sign-on. You'll be able to assign access based on existing corporate permissions and groups. It's the easiest way to deploy SmartDraw in a large corporate environment. SmartDraw supports a number IDPs using SAML including Okta, Azure, and Google's G-Suite.

Learn more about using SSO with Google G-Suite here.

Google SSO
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