Probate Process Workflow Diagram

Anyone who has been involved with probating a will knows what a lengthy, complex and time-consuming process it is. Help your clients understand what to expect by starting with the probate process workflow diagram template included in SmartDraw and customizing it to show the process in your state or jurisdiction. You can even link to websites containing additional information, required forms, tax returns and more.

Text in this Example:

The Probate Process
4 to 6 Weeks
4 Months to 1 Year
File Declaration for
Final Discharge
File Petition for
Hearing date on
Petition for Probate
Hearing Date-Judge
signs Judgement of
Final Distribution
File Bond; Submit
Letters and Orders for
Probate to court
Mail notice to persons
entitled to receive
notice at least 15 days
prior to hearing
Publish Notice of Petition to
Administer Estate at least
15 days prior to hearing
Pay debts, file tax
returns, sell property if
needed to pay debts and
Give notice to known
creditors; accept or
reject creditor's claims
Prepare Inventory and
Appraisal; send to probate
referee for valuation;
file with court
File Accounting and
Final Petition for Final
Mail notice to interested
persons at least 15 days
prior to hearing
Distribute assets, record
Judgement; file Receipts on
Distribution; file final
income tax returns if

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