Developer Documentation for the SmartDraw Open API

The SmartDraw Open API allows you to build an application that generates a diagram from external data.

In SmartDraw, these applications are called extensions and they can be added to the SmartDraw UI.

In VisualScript, you can create an application to expose a REST endpoint for a visual report for Jira and Confluence.

Developer documentation


Here is documentation to help you make your own extension or VisualScript REST endpoint.

SDON cookbook
SDON Cookbook

SDON is a JSON based markup language that describes a diagram. Learn more.

SDON reference guide
SDON Reference Guide

Browse the SDON object model. Learn more.

Extension Quick Start Guide
Quick Start: Extension Tutorial

Learn how to create your own extension. Learn more.


Download the SDK for Java and C#. Get the SDK.

SmartDraw bridging library
Bridging Library

Learn the methods you can use to transfer your SDON to SmartDraw. Learn More

Quick Start: VisualScript Tutorial

Learn how to work with VisualScript. Learn more.

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How Extensions Work

The flow of a SmartDraw Extension is as follows:

SmartDraw extensions flow

Let's walk through how this would work if you wanted to build an organizational chart from data in WorkDay.

SmartDraw extensions flow

How VisualScript Works

SmartDraw VisualScript flow

Steps to Writing Your Own Extension

Learn SDON

To write your own extension or report, you'll have to learn how to translate your data into a diagram using SDON.

The SDON cookbook documents all the ingredients required to make a diagram. You'll learn how to create specific diagram types and add more complex features.

If you want an overview of the SDON syntax and objects, check out the SDON reference guide.

Learn SDON

Use the SDK

SmartDraw has a software developer kit to make the generation of SDON easier in C# and Java apps. The SDON SDK implements the SDON object model in these languages and provides a method to serialize them as JSON.

This allows you to build an SDON document object without worrying about JSON syntax.

Download the C# SDK Here.

Download the Java SDK here.

SmartDraw SDK

Understand the SmartDraw Bridging Library

Learn the methods you can use to transfer your SDON to SmartDraw and have SmartDraw generate a diagram. Learn about the bridging library.

SmartDraw Bridging Library

Build and Install a SmartDraw Extension

Read our tutorial for creating your own extension. This tutorial will walk you through creating a very basic "Hello World" extension written in JavaScript. Once you master this, you can try creating a more complex server-side extension using our SDK.

SmartDraw Extensions

Example Extensions

Get the source code for an example extension built into SmartDraw so you can see how it all comes together. Get the source code below.

ERD extension
Database Diagrams and ERD

Visualize your database structure automatically.
Get the code.

Class diagram extension
Class Diagram

Generate a UML class diagram from a GitHub or local repository.
Get the code.

Site map extension
Site Map

Build a site map from the data in a sitemap.xml file.
Get the code.

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