Collaborate on Diagrams Inside Microsoft Teams

No More Static Visuals

How do you get feedback and build consensus when defining technical plans or processes? If you're a SmartDraw user, you already understand the power of visuals over text. Showing someone a class diagram is a lot easier than describing your system with just words.

If you mostly talk to your co-workers on MS Teams, in the past, you may have shared a static image of a diagram you created elsewhere to start a discussion.

With SmartDraw, you can insert any existing diagram you already created or create brand new visual from within Teams.

Instead of just viewing your diagram, this allows everyone to also edit it and leave comments and feedback as necessary. This is collaboration how it's meant to be.

The embedded SmartDraw app gives you all the power of SmartDraw at your fingertips inside a familiar Teams interface.

Learn more about how SmartDraw integrates with Microsoft Teams.

SmartDraw inside Teams
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