Administrative Patient Discharge Flowchart

Sometimes patient care post-hospitalization is at least as important as the care the patient received while hospitalized. Use this administrative patient discharge flowchart example to make sure your patients are well informed and know what to expect when they arrive home. You can start with this template, then customize it to meet each patients special needs. Then you can link to contact information for doctors, rehabilitation facilities and pharmacies, to a schedule of follow-up visits or a list of medications and when to take them. You can print the finished chart and give it to the patient so all their important information is in one easy to reference document.

Text in this Example:

Administrative Patient Discharge Process
Discharge complete
Ensure that patient has all necessary prescriptions
Patient accepts and completes all discharge forms
Educate family of caregiver about patient's condition
Educate patient about their discharge
Draw up plan for all post-hospital treatments
Decision to discharge the patient
Patient refuses to be discharged
Begin arrangements for the patient to be discharged at a later date

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